Calling cards Expiration Policy

Prepaid calling cards companies or long distance prepaid phone cards companies have different policies for calling card expiration. An expired calling card can not be used anymore and therefore customer has to purchase a new long distance phone card.

Most of the prepaid long distance phone calling cards out there have no expiration date because they are rechargable international calling cards. But there may be a possibility that even if the phone card is rechargable to expire after a certain period of inactivity.

Prepaid international phone cards companies have some of the following expiration policies:

Calling cards that expire 90 days after first use.

Prepaid calling cards that expire within 30 days afer phone card activation.

Long distance international calling cards that expire 365 days since last recharge or use.

Phone calling cards that have NO expiration date (these are the best)

Depending on your calling habits (how often you use your prepaid calling card) you should make up your mind on the specific type of calling card that suits you better. Personally my advice is to buy a prepaid phone card with no expiration date.

Before going to the top calling card companies, please take your time to read also the rest of the material on calling cards details:


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Top 10 Destinations

USA (United States) ---> 0.8¢

INDIA ---> 8.3¢


CANADA ---> 0.89¢

ROMANIA ---> 6.40¢

GERMANY ---> 1.33¢

RUSSIA ---> 2.40¢

AUSTRALIA ---> 0.90¢

BULGARIA ---> 2.40¢

PAKISTAN ---> 7.00¢